Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Forts

Hi, I'm Isabel and I am in Mr. E's 2014 4th grade class. We are building snow forts. I'm trying to convince you to come to my snow fort and no one else's because of all the reasons that our fort is the best fort around. First of all our fort is big so everyone in our class can fit into in comfortably. The six tallest people can lay down in it both ways and the perimeter is 44 feet, the area is 102, and the volume is 720 feet. Also our fort has lots of decorations! It has a fireplace, a chair, two windows, and a sofa. For the fireplace you are thinking that how are we making a fireplace out of snow well someone is bringing food coloring for the fire! They are all placed perfectly in every way! The entrance is really big too! Lastly our fort has an awesome shape. It's basic but cool. It has a rectangle shape with a square on top. Well at least it's enough for it to be an easy one. The others may not be that easy! You shouldn't go to any one else's fort because they have to complicated shapes. I believe that they will get done after so you can come to our fort quicker. Also everyone else's fort is too big! In fact it's so big that the whole grade could fit in it! In conclusion our fort is big, has decorations, a cool shape, and we'll build it quicker! Our fort may be a piece of junk but it will come around with your help so come to our snow fort!

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