Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thanksgiving

I was at one of my great aunt's houses for my 2013 Thanksgiving. It was a tall and beautiful house that I really adore. There is a huge yard to play football or tag in. Also, almost all my family, from my dad's side was there at my aunt's tall beautiful house. The food was amazingly awesome! You wouldn't believe that I ate everything on my plate, except the cheesy macaroni and cheese. The cheesy macaroni and cheese looked very delicious, but I just didn't like the way it tasted. The turkey was fabulous, and the homemade stuffing was the best. My stomach growls even now when I'm just thinking about it! I love my family so much I cry right when I have to leave. My cousins and I always and I mean always have fun together, even the baby ones. This year we went in a forest because we were curious about what was inside. When we eat, we always say grace. This year we sang grace. It was so funny that I laughed! I ate Turkey that I felt sorry for, mashed potatoes that looked like
clouds, stuffing that tasted awesome, cookies that were sugary, grapes that tasted fruity, and pumpkin pie with millions of whipped topping on top. Overall what I really think is that this Thanksgiving was the most fantastic Thanksgiving ever in the history of Thanksgivings!

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