Monday, November 11, 2013

The sign of the beaver

Day 1

Matt's dad has left to fetch his mom and sister a baby. Matt is having his own troubles, he does chores and goes hunting and all of a sudden someone shows up at his door and he doesn't have a clue what to do.

Day 2

Ben is a man that just came to Matt's door and the next day Matt's rifle is gone. Matt if furious! And then when he went fishing a bear came and stole all his food. He is starving and when he climbed a tree to get honey, bees stung him and Indians helped him recover.

Day 3

Matt wanted to thank the Indians for helping him for caring for him and he gives them a book. He realizes that Indians can't read. He has to teach a Indian boy to read. They give up on the first day. What will he do?

Day 4

Attean is the Indian boy that Matt is teaching. He came back the next day. Matt started to read the book and the Indian gets more and more interested with it. After Matt is done they go fishing, Matt doesn't get much luck but, Attean does!

Day 5

Attean and Matt finished the book they were reading and they keep on telling each other stories they either heard or read it from the bible.

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