Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Wedding

Want to know what I did a few months ago? My dad’s cousin actually got married! We were late, we walked through the door and everyone stared at us. But it felt like we really did not miss anything. The church that the wedding was in was extremely beautiful and very detailed. The wedding was great but the party after was even better! It was wonderful, there was music that was really loud, food that was really yummy, cake that smelt like sugary, and tons of people. I stayed with my baby cousin, Avery. She kept running off. I had to get her mom to take care of her! There also was this little boy who thought he could take me down to the ground. At the party I did the cupid shuffle. This is how you do it, first you go to the right, then you go to the left, after that you kick, and lastly you walk it! The wedding was a blast, I barely can wait for mine!

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