Friday, September 6, 2013

My favorite singer

Katy Perry is my favorite singer of all time. She puts so much feeling in her songs, I could listen to her every single day. Right now my favorite song is part of me because it shows how she felt when someone broke her heart. She is my inspiration and I want to be just like her. This is my favorite singer and I hope she would be proud if Katey found out if i'm singing her song at the talent show. Her birthday is October 25th. This is my favorite singer hope yours to!

A Fond Memory

A very fond memory of mine is when I started fourth grade. This is me on the first day of school. I was very afraid because I knew I didn't know some people, the teacher, what the classroom would be like, and what we would do in this class. When I got there it was the best first day of school ever! We put stuff away, we did activities, and we got to know each other. In my class there are three new people, Ashlyn, Matt, and Keven. The first day of fourth grade was a blast, Can't wait for next year!