Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Fairy and the Princess

Once upon a time there lived a curious princess in a faraway kingdom that was guarded by a huge forest. One day the princess went in the forest. Deeper and deeper she went. She saw a beautiful willow tree and went through it and saw a beautiful fairy world. The princess walked and walked hoping to find the one in charge. Soon she did and told her, " I'm lost, what is this place?" The fairy said, " You are in fairy Land. I'm the fairy in charge. Enjoy your stay in the Human Hotel" The princess said " I want to go home, not stay here! The kingdom won't rule it's self" They stayed quiet for a bit and finally the fairy said " I will help you find your kingdom" And off to the kingdom they went. When they finally got there they had a big feast for the princesses return for they chanted "The princess has returned! The princess has returned!" The End


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